If you have a customer service question or require customer service information please call us
at 416-461-0964.

Gerrard Square Gift Certificates may be purchased at the Administration Office located on the upper level. Gerrard Square gift certificates are redeemable at all stores. We accept CASH sales only please.

If at any time during a visit to Gerrard Square you discover you have lost/misplaced an article, or have been separated from a member of your party, visit the Administration Office on the upper level immediately. If you have found an article please drop it off at the Administration Office. AFter hours please have the Lottery/Information Booth radio Security.

Although we have taken all precuation to make your visit at Gerrard Square an enjoyable and safe experience, the following are safety tips you might want to keep in mind before your visit: Double check your vehicle tomake sure it is locked and windows rolled up. Keep all shopping parcels and other valuables out of sight. Never leave children unattended. Always plan ahead with your child, in the event that you become separated (i.e. where to go for help and/or where to meet). Keep purses close to your body. Wallets should be kept in a front pocket. Waist packs are also useful for keeping money in front of you, leaving your hands free for shopping. Avoidcounting money in public. If you are leaving Gerrard Square and someone is following you, return to the property and have a tenant contact Security. Security will escort you to your vehicle. Have car keys in hand before you get to your car. When you return to your car, be aware of your surroundings. If you see any suspicious activity and/or people please notify Gerrard Square Security.

Gerrard Square is committed to making your visit to our Centre a safe and secure one. To reach our Security, contact the Administration Office at 416-461-0964 or go to the Lottery/Information Booth which is located on the lower level by Food Basics. Security coverage for the shopping centre is scheduled seven (7) days a week. Security Officers regularly patrol the entire shopping centre and the parking facility around the Shopping Centre.